What Makes Them Really Tick Series- Introduction

Welcome to the second part of the Match Made in Heaven blog series. Have you ever looked at your partner and said to yourself…? “I just don’t understand him…” Or… “What is she thinking?” This blog series will reveal a method for tapping directly into your partner’s brain, understanding exactly what they want and show you how to open the floodgates of love, intimacy and emotional connection.

I understand that your partner may be withdrawn, cold and distant. I get that. I see that every day and if that is the case, I understand how frustrated you feel. Relationships have to evenly distribute love and emotion from both individuals. This can’t be a one-way street. However, that may just be the way it is for you right now. So, if that is the case, I am going to show you how your efforts can dramatically change the tide. AND if your relationship is “good” right now this method you’ll learn through this blog series will show you how to take it all the way to “great!”

What I am going to share with you through this series may feel like an impossible picture to imagine. However, before you filter out the advice that will be given through this series let me share a quick story. I met Sharon through the Marriage Sherpa’s coaching program about 2 years ago. When I first started talking to her, she was pretty convinced her marriage was done.

Sharon’s relationship with her husband was literally flat lined. There was no pulse. They never talked, they never had sex. He was cold and she was bitter. She felt like she’d tried everything without ever getting any kind of reciprocity from her husband. After a few short interactions, I taught her what I’m about to teach you throughout this series. She didn’t think it would work at first because her husband never responded to anything in the past, but I asked her to be patient and remain committed for 6 to 8 weeks.

She did and what she received was a gift she never expected. Her husband didn’t automatically flood her with flowers and chocolates but one night he sat her down and told her how touched he was by her actions. When she followed my advice, he was faced with a clear choice. “Either I learn how to treat my wife better or I will lose the single best thing in my life.”

Sharon’s husband apologized for failing her and told her that he was willing to make this work. Not a bad start. I can’t express with words how happy it makes me to feel to know that Sharon and her husband finally learned how to make each other happy. While they’ve still got their problems, they’re not living in an emotional igloo anymore and that is ALL because Sharon went first and was never willing to give up.

This series is going to show you what I taught Sharon and if necessary, I’m going to ask you to “go first” if your spouse is unwilling like Sharon’s husband was. The reason why is because this may be the single most effective strategy you have to help your partner see how valuable you really are to them.

Get ready for this multiple part series of What Makes Them Really Tick and see how this work.

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