Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Engagement and marriage are not commitments to be taken lightly. A healthy relationship requires sustained hard work. Yet woven through marital challenges are fragile threads of solid gold. We encourage couples to fight for the gold.

The therapists who serve couples at Intermission Therapies do a masterful job of sifting through the complexities of a difficult season in a relationship. Some couples find us in the “eleventh hour.” They are making one last effort to save a relationship that is severely wounded. They sense that their relationship is in a “coma” and recovery would require a miracle.

We see those miracles every day. We help people learn to understand their partner and to BE known. We have witnessed dividing walls tumbling down. We are therapists who are committed to helping keep relationships that have history and a ray of hope. We shift the focus from blame to the rediscovery of the strengths inherent in the relationship.

Select couples seek therapy to deepen a “stuck” relationship by learning to clearly ask for what they need. There is no magic formula…just hard work, a lot of communication, and growth of hearts. We love being invited to join a couple on their journey toward wholeness and healing.

When The Holidays End – Randall Bennett