Postpartum Depression

LaTasha Keltner

The compassionate Care of women is something that is near and dear to my heart. Women often sacrifice so much in an effort to love, support, encourage, and motivate others while also pursuing their own goals. There is no time when these acts of selflessness are more apparent than the time following childbirth. A time when the miracle and joy of one single event often encapsulates us in some of the most intense negative feelings we may ever experience. With over 3 million cases a year in the United States alone, Postpartum Depression has become a common occurrence, yet carries a negative stigma that often keeps women from seeking the help that they deserve. As a mother of four children, I can attest first hand to the very real struggle of not knowing what to do when I felt like my doctors had failed me, my support system was not enough, and my coping skills were inadequate. As a professional counselor, I am humbled by the experience, which has afforded me the privilege of helping women to restore and replenish in ways they did not know were possible. It is my desire to help any woman looking to regain whatever she feels she has lost; to become stronger through her vulnerability during such a complex and trying time. With compassion and knowledge, I welcome all women that are looking to be heard, understood, and guided back to their place of comfort.

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