Communication Triggers Series – How Couples Destroy Intimacy Without Even Knowing It

Hi, this is Randy Bennett. Welcome to the very first blog of my relationship program called The Match Made in Heaven Society. The reason this blog was created is because I truly believe that the perfect relationship isn’t found, but it’s built over time. If you are supplied with a steady stream of proven ideas to get your partner to fall-and-remain-head over heels in love with you, it becomes easy.

This blog’s mission is NOT just to eradicate divorce but is to help you and your partner become intimate with each other. I believe almost any couple can develop true intimacy to become a match made in heaven IF they are given the tools to mature into that couple.

Here’s how I know. I’ve had the advantage of counseling thousands of couples in my career and with the help of my Marriage Sherpa program, I have collected comments & regrets from over 2,400 couples. Unfortunately, these individuals were either divorces or split up from their life partner someone who could have been the “love-of-their-life,” because they didn’t know how to turn that relationship into a Match Made in Heaven.

Each blog in the Communication Triggers Series will cover a new topic that will be fun, interesting and extremely useful. The principles that the blog posts will cover will be relevant for anyone in a relationship. Whether you’ve been dating for a month or been in your marriage for 25 years, what this blog will cover is designed to help you improve your relationship.

What if you’re dealing with an unwilling partner? Will this be relevant? Yes, it will, because most of the unwilling partners I’ve seen become unbelievably interested in their spouse/partner once the active partner stops worrying about the other person and just focuses on these positive steps.

Every topic is centered around helping you and your partner become a Match Made in Heaven and to accomplish that I performed an extensive survey to over 2,400 couples and collected a wealth of topics to sort through and rate based on popularity. From communication to sex, from romance to emotional connection, from fun to building honesty, nothing is off the table.

I have been counseling couples for over 25 years and also married for 25 years. My relationship with Amy is the most important thing to me just as your relationship is important to you. Too many couples are walking around “unconscious” in their relationships which will bound to cause problems. A conscious couple is one that is present, in the moment. They are aware of their surroundings, their needs, their partner’s needs and their children’s needs, if they have them. They possess a greater understanding about themselves, an awareness of what they do, why they do it, and how to do things better. They don’t just “hope” for a match made in heaven they build it!

For 25 years I’ve seen people who’ve never been prepared for relationship success or were really conscious of their own actions and thoughts and why they say and do the things they do. They also aren’t conscious of what drives their partner or their relationship. Most reach out for help while it almost too late. If that is you, it’s okay because this blog’s goal is to help you develop this relationship consciousness. Our next blog will jump into our first topic for the Communication Trigger series which will be communication trigger choice and replacing negative triggers with positive ones.

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