Learn to Laugh Again!

We are Intermission Therapies!

In, out, up, & around.
People who need clarity of vision seek us out, and we meet them
halfway. Does this person bring fragments of their inner world? Have
they been in so much pain that looking outward is overwhelming? Do they
long to look up, reaching for the One who can touch their very soul?
Then finally … finally, as a result of the therapy process, a
formerly lonely or frightened person can look around. We stand aside as
they see with a refreshed perspective, they hear the call into their
better self. They feel the touch of loved ones who had previously been
kept at a distance. The sweetness of hope can be sensed. Music is
sweet, inspiration renewed. Read on for elements that contribute to a
successful therapeutic relationship. 

What to Expect

“We are an experienced team of
caring and compassionate therapists dedicated to helping our
clients overcome challenges and live their best life.”

Intermission Therapies is forward thinking, creative and
value-for-dollar. “An oasis of calm” is the description many people
give upon seeking our therapy services. In a cold and weary world,
professional excellence and peace are a rare find. You can see and
be known by one therapist, or, you can avail yourself of one of our
five collaborative treatment tracks:

  • Child/Parent & Marriage Track
  • Disordered Eating Track
  • Chemical Dependency Recovery Track
  • Expressive Arts Therapies Track
  • Optimal Living Track

Read Our Response to Suicide


‘The Second Act’ a faith-based, reduced fee counseling program. Under the supervision of our Clinical Coordinator, Randall Bennett (MA, LMFT, LCPC), Masters-prepared therapists are now available to see individuals, couples, subsets of a family, or the entire family. We see all age groups and offer flexible scheduling.

We are pleased to offer these high quality counseling services at a significantly lower rate than is typically charged. Our belief is that because of the grace we all get a ‘do over’ a second act. If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, or to learn more about this ministry, please contact us at: 630-232-7770, Extension 106

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Intermission Therapies