Kristy Gonyon

Kristy Gonyon

Dance/Movement Therapist
Contact: 630-232-7770, Extension: 107

Kristy’s Specialties

Children, Adolescents, Family, Relational Issues, Parenting Issues, Body Image, Self-Esteem, Trauma, Anxiety, Coping, Emotional and Behavioral Issues, Life Skills, ADHD, Developmental Disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Kristy believes that the therapeutic process involves collaboration between the therapist and client. As your therapist, she will provide you with support, guidance, and an empathic environment to explore your thoughts, feelings, and goals. Kristy believes that in order to collaborate on your path to health, it is imperative that there is a strong therapeutic relationship. Therefore, she strives to engage in a trusting and non-judgmental relationship where the client feels that their input is important and validated throughout every step of the therapeutic process.

Kristy received her Master’s in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling from Columbia College Chicago, and through that journey, she gained an appreciation for the body-mind connection and holistic healing. The movement process is about connecting with feelings that might be better expressed through movement, rather than, through verbal expression. In her clinical work, Kristy has extensive experience with other creative modalities such as art, play therapy, music, role play, guided imagery, and humor. Kristy will work with you to create a therapeutic plan that you are comfortable with, whether that involves traditional therapeutic techniques or including creative interventions.

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